Martin Economics

An economist's view and ideas

  1. Work begets work

  2. Technologies used for

  3. Pro-EU lacks empathy

  4. Stock market ups and downs

  5. To nudge or not to nudge?

  6. Currency wars and aggregates

  7. Prediction market for science

  8. Way forward for refugees in Europe

  9. Way forward for refugees in EU

  10. When morality is just uncertainty

  11. Real estate dividend

  12. Procurement against vacancy

  13. Sack a CEO, give to charity

  14. Doubts about CSR

  15. Halt divisive healthcare patents

  16. Hold executives responsible

  17. Three kinds of video game economics

  18. VAT increases undesirable

  19. Will jobs disappear

  20. Another danger of low interest rates: collusion